• AG glass computer mouse skateboard

    The surface layer of AG glass touch screen is frosted layer, super anti-fouling and body treatment, super anti-glare mirror treatment, matte reduces glare, reduces visual fatigue, ensures the visual effect of the screen, the screen is naturally undistorted, and the image is more vivid. Bright, with the AG glass skateboard book experience, the writing is more fluent, the hand feels delicate and flexible, leaving no scratches.

  • AG matte display / central control car panel

    The central control car glass screen has high contrast, high resolution and wide viewing angle. Outdoor driving reduces ambient light interference and has the function of reducing glare and improving image contrast and sharpness for improved safety. The screen surface protection layer (such as PE protective film) is no longer used. The display AG glass feels smooth, uniformity, anti-glare and anti-reflection, clear eye protection, reducing the touch of reflective particles and scratch resistance.

  • 3D etched glass

    3D etching tempered film full-screen cover integrated molding, ultra-clear picture, arc edge fitting, close to the original machine arc, feel comfortable, real machine open mold hole fit, lossless signal transmission. Combined with the strengthening effect, the broken screen rate is reduced, the broken edges are rejected, and the durability is durable. The automatic absorbing corner is precisely matched with the real machine.

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About us

aboutFounded in 2013, Shenzhen Huanan Xinke Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of AG frosted glass panel series. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and IS014001 environmental management system certification. . The company mainly produces AG series panels and cover plates: computer mouse skateboard, central control car panel, display panel, mobile phone touch screen glass panel; tablet glass panel; e-book glass panel; instrument glass panel; AG matte mobile phone tempered glass Membrane, 3D etching mobile phone tempered glass film, the company's existing independent factory area of 6,000 square meters, production workshop 4500 square. The industry's most advanced production equipment and various types of testing equipment; supporting equipment and facilities advanced and perfect, strong technical force...

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Company:Shenzhen Southern China Xinke Optical Technology Co., Ltd.





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